For some girls, books are the ultimate escape. It transports them to another world and gives them an opportunity to tune into their own imaginations

They find great comfort and peace in curling up with a book that they just can’t put down. But, not everyone may understand this.

So, here are some things to know about the girl who is constantly reading.

1. It is her stress reliever. 

Reading a good book provides her with some time in the day where she doesn’t have to focus on her stressors. She can be immersed in another time or location without ever having to even leave home. She can find comfort and inspiration in the words of her favorite characters. Her books give her a much needed “recharge”.

2. She will find every spare moment she can to keep reading. 

No matter where she goes: waiting rooms, airports, friends’ houses. She will have her book nearby on the off-chance that she has a few moments to get through a few chapters. She is invested in the characters and hates every distraction that keeps her from getting lost in those pages again.

3.  She has a hunger for knowledge. 

She will read a vast majority of books on many different topics because she loves the feeling she gets when she learns something new. She knows that life has so much to offer her and that her books can serve as a tool to making her better understand the world around her.

4. It helps her connect with others. 

She loves the opportunity to talk to people that love the same books she does. She loves to debate and to find the hidden meanings within the chapters. She is your go-to girl for a book club or for a good conversation over a cup of coffee. She loves to connect with people and to push the boundaries through deep conversations.

5She is a dreamer. 

She loves the possibilities in a good work of fiction. She loves the imagination, the magic, and the intrigue that you feel when you get lost in another world. She loves to root for the underdog, to read about the hero persevering, and to be a part of the character development as a person is able to find their true purpose. She loves to read about people making extraordinary things happen, and she knows that it’s possible for the same things to happen for her.

6. It makes her feel less alone. 

The girl that loves books is often-times also a girl that thinks a lot and relates through words. When she reads something, it speaks to her soul on a deep level. That is her way of feeling like she is connecting: through words, through art, through stories. Books provide her with a way to understand her world. They help her make sense of the things she sees and describe the things she’s feeling.

She is deep and often misunderstood because she doesn’t need much to set her soul on fire.

She dreams of the beauty in her books being the same beauty she sees in the world. And, she strives to understand her own universe better through the musings of her favorite authors.

She is a girl with her head in the clouds and her heart always searching for the next beautiful story.

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