I never felt worthy of a great love. There was so much about myself that I wanted to change. I hated the girl in the mirror. I ridiculed her and critiqued every last bit of her character.

Nothing she did was ever good enough for me, so I thought nothing she did was ever going to be good enough for anyone else either. I thought that love was meant for girls who had it all together.

That is, until you came along. 

You showed me that there was beauty in my broken past. Even after I poured my heart out to you and detailed all of my flaws, you never faltered in your love for me.

You saw a great potential in me. You saw a soul that was in need of some saving. I got scared. Scared of this new vulnerability. Scared that this “knight in shining armor” persona was just an act.

I resisted your attempts to knock down my walls, and I built them even higher. I did everything I could think of to make you give up because I thought it was inevitable. I thought,  “If I am going to get hurt, I might as well get the hurt out of the way now.”

But, you didn’t budge. You waited. You were kind and patient as you chipped away at the fortress around my heart. You were understanding as you helped me unload the baggage of my past.

With grace, you helped me as I made my first attempts at taking down my guard.

You promised me that I didn’t need to be scared and that you could be trusted, but I had seen too many relationships fall apart to take the bait that easily.

Even though I doubted you, you didn’t let that bother you. And, with time, you did what I thought was impossible.

You made me come alive. You helped bring out the best version of me. The one that was too scared to make her appearance before. You helped me blossom into the woman I always imagined I would become. You didn’t force me into a mold of anyone else, you encouraged me to be my most authentic self.

I didn’t think anyone could ever love the real me, but you did. And, despite my many attempts to push you away, you fought for me. You showed me that I was worth fighting for.

Now, I look in that same mirror and see a completely different person because of a guy who wouldn’t give up on her.

She is a girl I am proud to be, and from here on out, I will fight for her too. 

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