Almost as quickly as it began, it fizzled out.

And your friends don’t understand how someone could be so hung up on someone so fast. They say the feelings weren’t real in the first place.

But the pain was immediate and devastating. You felt like you lost a huge part of yourself.

When people say things like “well, you were never really dating,” that hits hard.

Break-ups hurt. But what is it called when you were never officially together in the first place?

Is your pain somehow less valid if you weren’t officially an item?

No, your feelings were just as real as they would have been with a title attached to it. But, your love never made it to that stage.

You fell hard for someone and they were a huge part of your world. You talked late into the night about your hopes and dreams.

You looked forward to the texts and the dates and the potential of what you both could be.

The additional heartache that comes with the “almost” love is especially brutal because other people don’t even feel that you are justified in having the pain that you do.

But sometimes, the most painful relationships to get over were never even officially relationships to the rest of the world in the first place.

People have much less empathy for you when you are nursing a broken heart from what they consider a “little fling”.

Every time someone says, “you’ll just get over it”, it makes you feel ashamed and even more alone.

And, the worst part is seeing your ex-love doing just fine.

Your heart and soul were crushed, but there was not a single casualty in his camp.

But, I want you to know something.

Heartbreak always hurts. It shouldn’t need to be justified. It shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of.

You opened up your heart, and you got hurt. But, you were still brave enough to put yourself out there.

So, allow yourself the time you need to heal and move on.

Don’t allow anyone to minimize what you felt for that person or the emotional process you need to have.

Grieve for the “what if’s” and the “we could have been’s”. You will move on when you’re ready.

Because while it may have been an “almost relationship” to everyone else, it was everything to you. 


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