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If you find yourself in a lot of uncomfortable situations, I am right there with you. Such is the life of the awkward human.

Here are some instances when the awkward struggle has been REAL.

1. You say “you too” to the hostess when she tells you to enjoy your meal.

2. You laugh at inappropriate times. Always.

3. You are constantly making up new words when you get tongue tied (like a Mean Girls“grool” moment).

4. You always duck down the nearest aisle to avoid small talk with people you know at the store.

5. You are often much better in writing than you are when talking in person.

6. You make references to shows/books/movies that no one else has seen.

7. You laugh at your own jokes, loudly and often.

8. You are always doing that little dance with people when you’re trying to get out of their way. And, it usually goes on for a couple of incredibly uncomfortable seconds.

9. You are really bad at small talk and nervous laugh through the conversation.

10. When you can’t hear someone, you have to ask “what?” 2 times before you finally decide to pretend you heard what they said and hope they don’t notice that you are clueless.

11. When people go to hug you, you don’t always get the memo and you accidentally bump heads.

12. Sometimes when someone is talking about something, you’ll nod in agreement. But, when they ask you a follow-up question, you have to confess you weren’t listening.

13. Your dancing has been described as “not great”. You dance anyway.

14. You bump into people a lot.

15. You often choose inconvenient places to pause when browsing in store aisles and people have to go around you.

16. When someone compliments you, you really don’t know how to respond and make them uncomfortable enough to wish they had never mentioned your new haircut.

17. You don’t know how to stand for pictures. You always look confused because you’re trying to figure out how to not look awkward, which makes you look even more awkward.

18. Flirting can sometimes be disastrous. You have no idea how to do it.

19. You often have random stains on your clothes, and you have no idea how you got them. This happens especially often when you have an important date or meeting.

20. You are super overwhelmed by large groups. That is a lot of small talk, and you have a hard enough time figuring out the right things to say to one person.

21. You always drop things. Usually, things that make a huge mess or are really loud. 

22. You push on “pull” doors. You pull on “push” doors. It never fails.

23. You have, on more than one occasion, sent a text to the wrong person and had to explain yourself to them.

24. You trip a lot. Over your own feet. Over nothing. You don’t discriminate. You just be trippin’.

25. You often make sound effects or think out loud, and people always look at you funny.

26. You are always the one that has to cough or sneeze in the middle of a test or situation where the whole room is quiet.

27. You can be really gullible, and people know that. So, you’re often the butt of some practical jokes.

28. You’re pretty awful at confrontation unless you’ve prepared for it. And, even then, the words never seem to come out right.

29. You have a LOT of facial expressions. Some of them probably shouldn’t make their appearance in public, but they do anyway. 

30. On a pretty regular basis, you walk around all day with something stuck in your teeth. People almost never tell you, but it definitely explains why it feels like they were staring at you.

31. Sometimes, your sarcasm is too advanced and people take you seriously when you were making a joke. And, then you have to explain it was a joke. Awko-taco.

These are just many of the every-day situations you find yourself in when you are just a tad on the awkward side. Or, more likely, a lot on the awkward side.

But, hey. It’s grool. Embrace your awkward nature. It’s part of who you are. 

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