If you would ask a dog mom how to describe her life, she would likely tell you that it is full of love and full of slobber. Having a dog as your BFF is so special, and it comes with a lot of perks. Here are just a few of the truths of living life as a dog momma.

1. You have hair on your clothes at all times.

2. You have 8 different lint rollers stashed away.

3. But you still end up with dog hair all over you.

4. You take more pics of your dog than you’d like to admit.

5. And you can’t stand being away from them.

6. Even if it’s just for a workday.

7. Saying goodbye to them anytime you go anywhere is a long and drawn out process.

8. Even if you’re just going to the store.

9. It doesn’t matter. You have to make sure they know your game plan.

10. You watch them in the windows and consider canceling your plans just so you don’t have to be without them.

11. Okay so a lot of the time you do cancel your plans to be with them.

12. You love hanging with your dogs because they love you unconditionally and never judge you for that 2nd or 3rd glass of wine.

13. You take them anywhere you can.

14. Planning a trip? Is the hotel dog-friendly?

15. Is the restaurant dog-friendly?

16. But seriously I can bring my dog right?

17. You find yourself having full-length conversations with your pup.

18. You confide more in them than most people.

19. And you’re convinced they know what you’re talking about.

20. You love spoiling them: treats, bones, toys.

21. And you love how excited they get when they see you walk into the door

22. Sometimes they are your only comfort after a long day.

23. You let them sleep in your bed with you even though they are bound to wake you up in the middle of the night.

24. You feel anxious anytime you have to board them or have someone watch them.

25. You’re that doggy parent that calls and checks in and asks how they’re doing and for pictures.

26. Speaking of pictures, they totally make your holiday cards.

27. And, you may or may not have attempted buying dog sweaters for them.

28. You hate cardio unless it involves taking your pups for a walk.

29. And, when you’re out, you say hello to the other dogs before you acknowledge their owners.

30. You describe your dog’s personality to others in great detail because, after all, your pup is your kiddo.

31. And you gauge a lot of friendships on how well people get along with your dog.

32. Because someone that doesn’t like dogs? That’s just a dealbreaker.

33. Above all else, you absolutely love your fur baby.

34. And you need people to understand that your dog is a top priority in your life.

35. And if they love your dog, then you will bond with them even more.

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