It’s finally here. Payday has arrived, and I let out a sigh of relief as I see the deposit in my bank account.

But, almost in the blink of an eye, it’s like it disappears! POOF!

1. Monday. Yuck. Better get some Starbucks to get the week off to a good start at least.

2. There is nothing appetizing in this lunch-box. What was I thinking when I was grocery shopping? I’ll just eat this tomorrow. Chipotle sounds better today. 

3. Man, I have been working all day today. I don’t want to cook anything. Let’s go out or grab something quick and easy.

4. Tuesday! Almost as bad as Monday. I need a coffee.

5. Honestly, it’s a bargain since I have this Starbucks Gold Card.


7. Okay, time to slow it down. There has to be something worth eating at home.

8. I’ve looked through this fridge 21,000 times, and there is nothing edible in here.

9. It’s only Wednesday, the food can’t be gone already…I swear I grocery shop. 

10. Every time I open it, I hope that something else pops out at me.

11. But, nope. Just a sad, sad land of condiments and forgotten Tupperware containers with “who knows what” inside?

12. *phone rings* “Oh hey girl! You had a bad day?! No problem, I’ll meet you at the restaurant and we’ll talk all about it. We can share some appetizers while you cry okay?”

13. Well, I certainly can’t hold “being a good friend” against myself. Will eat for emotional support of a friend. Always.

14. Okay, Thursday. It’s a new day. I got this.

15. I don’t ‘got this.’ Today was AWFUL. Like AWFUL. 

16. And, it’s thirsty Thursday.

17. And everyone is going.

18. So it would be really rude if I didn’t go.

19. Okay, just a drink or two.

20. FRIDAY! Celebratory Frappuccino! Made it to the end of the work-week. WOO!

21. FRIDAY! Celebratory wine with the girls! It’s been a rough week for everybody.

22. There’s nothing like a Saturday brunch.

23. And that new restaurant just opened up that has mimosa bars and chicken and waffles.

24. We have to at least try it out so we can leave a review for others.

25. They may be lost if they don’t have some good solid feedback to check out.

26. Okay, it’s Sunday. I have eaten out multiple times this week. Today I am making a home-cooked meal. Healthy. Paleo. Vegan. Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Nut Free. It’s gonna be delicious. 

27. Alright, going to the grocery store. Gonna get some extra healthy foods. I won’t need to go out to eat this week because I got everything I should need.

28.….(Repeat 1-27)

If this has happened to you, don’t sweat it. It happens to me too. Nearly every pay period.

The foodie in you just knows what she wants. But, hey, money spent on food is money well spent right? At least until you see your credit card statement.

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