Sometimes, a good song can be the only thing that helps us understand our world. 

When it feels like the universe has gone silent, it is through the music that we can feel like someone is listening in those moments when we most need to be heard.

So, if you’re a girl who searches for life’s meaning in the music, I am right there with you. Because the music makes it all worthwhile.

Our songs help us celebrate. 

We all have our pump-up songs or our “driving home from work on a Friday” songs. The songs that make our victories a little more victorious. The ones that make us feel free to dance and sing and get lost in the moment.

These songs become our anthems, and they give us the motivation and confidence we need to take on the day.

Our songs give us something to lean on while dealing with loss. 

When grief strikes, sometimes the only thing that can provide any comfort in the pain is a playlist. When you find songs that describe the heartbreak that you feel and the emptiness that has taken over, it makes you feel a little less alone.

You feel understood just by pressing play, and that can be the thing that gets you through.

Our songs help us say the things that we can’t.

Whether it’s a love song or a rage-filled rock ballad, the lyrics of our favorite songs often help us organize our thoughts. It can help us more eloquently proclaim our love to our soulmates or it can help us vent out the frustrations after a crushing break-up.

Music often has the ability to profess the things we can’t on our own. It gives us the strength to move forward and express ourselves with courage and transparency.

Our compilation of music has created a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack to our lives.  

Songs have the power to transport us to another time because of the memories that get entangled in the music. We all have songs that have marked our biggest milestones.

Whether it’s a song you listened to over and over again after a break-up, or track 13 on your first mixed cd, it has a lasting hold on you.

It is through these songs that we are given an opportunity to make sense of everything. It helps bring us together, and it helps us find meaning.

So, to all the girls who find hope in the harmonies? Never stop listening to the music. 

There is nothing like finding a song that you can relate to, that you can jam to, and that you can be forever changed by.

And, it is through the healing power of music that we can start to rely on the chords of a song to help see us through the discord of this crazy life. 

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