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Moving out of your hometown or college town can be exciting, but it may mean you have to say, “see you later” to your best friend.

Every time you two have to part ways, it comes with a new round of waterworks and depressing texts back and forth to each other.

But, in the end, you always find a way to make it work.

So, here are 6 signs that you girls are killin’ it at the long-distance friendship.

1. You make sure that keeping in touch is a priority. 

Long distance may complicate friendships, but it doesn’t mean that your bond has to suffer. You both learn to prioritize your friendship through whatever means necessary.

You set up skype dates, phone chats, and send each other messages throughout the day. You do everything you can to keep your bestie up-to-date on your life, and she still helps you pick out your outfits for your dates.

2. You both make plans to visit each other. 

You both set a date for a visit and then count down to your reunion. It gives you two something to be excited about and makes the distance feel less permanent.

You also get to explore new cities together through these visits, which strengthens your bond even more.

3. You make sure to take an interest in each other’s lives.

There is so much about your lives now that is separate. You have different jobs, different friends, different hang-outs. But, your bestie wants to hear about all of it.

She wants to hear about what your job is like and who you have befriended there. She wants the face-time tour of your apartment and daily pictures of your dog’s cuteness.

4. You know that if the worst happens, you’re only a plane ride away. 

When your bestie says she is there for you, she means it.

She is a phone call away if you are having a bad day. She is a plane-ride away if you’re having your worst day.

Because you don’t allow distance to be a permanent roadblock. It’s just a temporary hurdle.

5. Every time you are reunited, it feels like nothing has changed. 

Good friendships battle all kinds of changes, distance included. The best friendships survive all of these obstacles and grow in spite of them.

And every time you two are together again, it is an incredible blur of screaming and hugging and happy tears and life-talks that last all night. You have mastered the art of the “catch-up” session and use your time together to the fullest.

6. You realize that friendships like yours don’t come around all the time. 

The biggest way you keep your friendship strong is by realizing how blessed you are to have each other. You are basically soul mates and have a bond that many people never experience.

On days where you are extremely sad and missing your friend, you are comforted by the fact that you’ve found each other and that the distance doesn’t make that closeness fade.

While your heart will never feel quite whole while your person is in another area code, you know that the distance is incredibly worth it.

Because no friendship could ever make you feel as at home as hers does.

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