We all know how exhausting the work week can be. No matter how you feel about your job, the 9-5 flow can wear on you. That’s why the “work wifey” is your lifeline.

She is in the trenches with you every day from clock-in until clock out. She rocks the uniform with you, rolls into the meetings with you, and repeats the cycle Monday through Friday with you.

And there are so many reasons that she’s awesome.

She truly likes your work stories. 

She’s not just giving you the polite head nods and occasional “mhm”.  She is truly listening!

You don’t have to worry about boring her with stories about the job because she can totally relate. She is probably even part of several of them.

She has your back. 

Whether it be through a vent session on your lunch breaks or just by making you crack a smile throughout the day, she’s got you.

She also knows the emergency take-out order that you indulge in on Stage 5 Stress-Con Delta days.

She gives you something to look forward to throughout the week.  

Everyone gets worn out and burned out sometimes, but knowing that your work bae will be there with you makes it so much better.

You know that your lives get busy on the weekends with all the other obligations you have, so it is so nice to have this built-in time with one of your favorite people throughout the week.

You have endless inside jokes. 

You’ve seen it all together. You’ve been through it all together. You have more inside jokes from a week than most people have in a year.

Your weirdness and her weirdness are the same. You bond over the mutual weirdness and find countless opportunities to laugh together.

You get to see the professional side of her and the goofy side. 

Part of what you love about your work wifey is what a hard worker she is. You love that she can dominate her job while also getting to know her co-workers.

She treats everyone like family, especially you. And it is so much fun and such a privilege that you get to see that same professional lady turn into a giggly, awkward mess when other people aren’t around.

You love both sides of her.

You love that your workplace brought the two of you together because you know you might not have otherwise crossed paths.

You love that this job has given you such a special friend that understands parts of your day that other people don’t.

So, here’s to all the work baes making the work week brighter! We couldn’t do it without you!

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