33 Ways Life Is Better With Your Best Friend

Life can be tough, so it is lucky for us that we have our tribe to get us through it all, the good and the bad. Friends are great, but best friends are even better. They know you on such a deep level, it’s like they’re inside of your head. No matter what life throws … Continue Reading

A Letter To My Best Friend On Her Wedding Day

I can’t believe the day has finally come.  Growing up, we always talked about getting married and starting families. We talked about what we thought our husbands would be like, what we thought our dress would look like, what the day would feel like. Now we can finally stop dreaming. Because it is time for your dream … Continue Reading

To The Girls Who Find Healing In The Lines Of A Song

Sometimes, a good song can be the only thing that helps us understand our world.  When it feels like the universe has gone silent, it is through the music that we can feel like someone is listening in those moments when we most need to be heard. So, if you’re a girl who searches for life’s … Continue Reading

To My Forever Friend Who Has Finally Found Her Forever Love

I am so happy to be able to say this now: I told you so.  I kept telling you to hold onto hope. I kept telling you that the one was out there and that he would find you. And, you would listen, but I knew you didn’t really believe me. The countless nights together trying to imagine … Continue Reading

To The Friendship That Wasn’t Made To Last

Sometimes, I can’t believe that you’re not a part of my life anymore.  We were attached at the hip growing up. We shared every detail of our lives with one another. And, now I can’t even remember the last time I saw you.  It happened gradually. Having common interests became less and less common for us. … Continue Reading

The 6 Things I Need To Tell My Long-Distance Best Friend

Moving out of your hometown or college town can be exciting, but it may mean you have to say, “see you later” to your best friend. Every time you two have to part ways, it comes with a new round of waterworks and depressing texts back and forth to each other. But, in the end, you always … Continue Reading

6 Things To Know About The Girl Who Always Has A Book In Her Hand

For some girls, books are the ultimate escape. It transports them to another world and gives them an opportunity to tune into their own imaginations They find great comfort and peace in curling up with a book that they just can’t put down. But, not everyone may understand this. So, here are some things to … Continue Reading

49 Ways That Making Friends As An Adult Is JUST Like Dating

Friendship seems so easy when you’re young. You just kind of hang out with whoever is in your classes or lives on your street. But, then, when you’re older, friendships are more of an effort. And, you have to really work to find the good ones. It can be intimidating, and it can feel a lot like, … Continue Reading

Signs You May Be The Introvert Of Your Friend Group

The introverted friend of your group might not be big on words but she’s most definitely a loyal friend. The truth about her is that she enjoys solitude, but that doesn’t mean she’s lonely. And, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t enjoy the company of others. What’s challenging to her though, is communicating her emotions in … Continue Reading

To The Friend Battling Tough Times: I’m Here, And I’m Not Going Anywhere

I know that you’re hurting. Even on the days where you could deceive the world with a sweet smile, I know that you’re fighting a daily internal battle and it’s taking every last ounce of energy. I know that there are days where you feel like hiding from it all or running away. I know that while … Continue Reading