35 Truths About The Life Of A Dog Momma

If you would ask a dog mom how to describe her life, she would likely tell you that it is full of love and full of slobber. Having a dog as your BFF is so special, and it comes with a lot of perks. Here are just a few of the truths of living life … Continue Reading

28 Ways I Rationalize Spending All Of My Money On Food

It’s finally here. Payday has arrived, and I let out a sigh of relief as I see the deposit in my bank account. But, almost in the blink of an eye, it’s like it disappears! POOF! 1. Monday. Yuck. Better get some Starbucks to get the week off to a good start at least. 2. There is … Continue Reading

31 Signs That You Are Indeed As Awkward As You Think You Are

If you find yourself in a lot of uncomfortable situations, I am right there with you. Such is the life of the awkward human. Here are some instances when the awkward struggle has been REAL. 1. You say “you too” to the hostess when she tells you to enjoy your meal. 2. You laugh at inappropriate … Continue Reading

Signs That You Are Absolutely Owning The “Twenty-Something” Grandma Life

Some girls like the night life. Some girls prefer the Netflix life. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with going out and living it up, that just may not be your version of a good time. And, that’s okay. After all, there are plenty of totally legit reasons why you do things your way. The … Continue Reading

Thoughts Every Girl Has At The Gym

I’m here. I’m doing this. Watch out, world. Why is every machine taken? Ugh! I feel like a creep just lurking around waiting for a station to open up. Oh, YES! They look done! I’ll be super casual and start making my way over. Wow, these girls all have super cute gym clothes. I wonder … Continue Reading

An Appreciation Post For The “Work Wifey” In Your Life

We all know how exhausting the work week can be. No matter how you feel about your job, the 9-5 flow can wear on you. That’s why the “work wifey” is your lifeline. She is in the trenches with you every day from clock-in until clock out. She rocks the uniform with you, rolls into … Continue Reading

7 Realities of Being The “Hangry” Girl

“Hangry” is a state of anger that is caused by hunger, and for some people, it is a state of life. These are some things that I know all of the “hangry” girls can relate to all too well. 1. You are always thinking about your next meal, even if you just ate. You are … Continue Reading