Anxiety Doesn’t Have To Be A Solitary Battle, We Are In This Together

For me, my anxiety is different every day. Last week, it was consuming fatigue from chasing thoughts running rampant through my mind. It was searching for the rationale in a slew of irrational doubts and fears. It was being tired but not being able to fall asleep because I was afraid of sleeping through my … Continue Reading

A Little “Tough Love” Might Be Exactly What You Need

I used to think that “tough love” was a person’s excuse to say hurtful things without having to take any accountability for them. I remember being on the receiving end of talks that would end in me feeling small and unsettled. It would make me feel defensive, like I was being put under a microscope … Continue Reading

The Biggest Life Changes We All Go Through In Our 20s

Your 20s can be some of the greatest years of your life and also the most terrifying. It’s when you learn who you are and what you want. It’s a time for discovery and constant change. Ready or not, your 20s are going to bring about a lot of uncomfortable transitions. Friends will come and … Continue Reading

To The Girl Who Had To Put Her Dreams On Hold: It’s Never Too Late To Start Again

The real world can be real tough on a dreamer.  I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself in a variety of ways over the years. You’ve had to make sacrifices to make ends meet. You’ve had your fair share of setbacks, derailing all the plans you made. This may have caused you to veer off the … Continue Reading

For All The Nice Girls Out There Who Are Tired Of Being Underestimated

There are a lot of misconceptions about being the nice girl. People often think she’s either putting on an act because “no one can be that nice all the time,” or she’s weak and unable to stand up for anything, including herself. But the absolute worst is when they assume that what they see is … Continue Reading

To The Girl With An Anxious Mind And A Hopeful Heart

I see you, sweet girl. I know you always choose to see the good in people and how you help people see their own worth. You even go as far as to find the silver lining in their struggles. But, what I also see, is how you’re constantly battling your own darkness. Your head and … Continue Reading

The Only Woman You Should Be Competing With Is Yourself

In the world of social media and constant exposure to the lives of others, we are CONSTANTLY comparing. Comparing our bodies, our views, our lives, our personalities. We allow our worth to be tabulated by likes on a social media page or comments on a picture. We worry more about what other people think of … Continue Reading

When It’s Time To Fix Your Relationship With Yourself, Read This

Too often, we assume that a relationship will fix us. We want to fill that void in our hearts with the love that someone else could give us. We find it much easier to accept the perceived faults and flaws in others than the ones we see in ourselves. But, there are a few hard … Continue Reading

A Note To Self On My Weakest Days

I know that life has been difficult lately. I know that it seems like things are piling up and you don’t have any power over your world or the direction it is going. I know that sometimes it hurts so much that you just want to give up. So, on the days when it feels … Continue Reading

I’m Finally Learning How To Be Comfortable In My Own Skin

Self-esteem has always been an issue for me. Being a perfectionist, I have always found myself striving to be better and feeling like I was never good enough. I criticized myself incessantly. I magnified my flaws consistently. And, after awhile, your reflection becomes all of the things you’ve taught yourself to look for. For me, … Continue Reading