To The Girl Who Is Feeling “Stretched Too Thin”

  I know your list of responsibilities is a mile long. And, I know a lot of that list is made up of being there for everyone. You are trying to be everyone’s shoulder to cry on and their escape when they’re stressed. You are trying to be the voice of reason and the comic … Continue Reading

My Life Is A Mess, But I’m Over Trying To Hide It

I have always prided myself on my ability to hide how I’m feeling. No one could ever know what was going on with me just by looking at me. They could walk right by me and have no idea what I was going through. And, I liked it that way. My struggle was mine and … Continue Reading

To The Girl Feeling Lost and Discouraged: It Won’t Always Hurt Like This

Some days, she feels like a fraud. She feels like her smile is too forced and her skin fits too tight. She feels like she’s never going to have what it takes to really make something of herself. Like her fear of failure is looming around every corner, as she hesitates at every crossroad. This fear consumes … Continue Reading

When You Feel Like You’re Failing, Read This

In this day and age, we have so many outside pressures telling us who to be and when to be it. We are constantly bombarded with outside information about what other people our age are doing. And with that information comes comparison. Is there something wrong with me if I’m not doing those same things? If I … Continue Reading