I Want More Than A “Right Now” Romance, I Want Forever

For the longest time, I wasn’t very good at relationships. I got my heart broken time and time again and was convinced that the common denominator had to be me. I had to be doing something wrong if the story always ended with my heart breaking and the romance fading. I felt like I was … Continue Reading

To My Almost Love, I Was Never Going To Be Enough For You

There was a time where I would have done anything to be the girl that you chose.  The one that you gave all of your time and attention to. The one that got all of the compliments and made you decide you wanted to commit. The girl that is always depicted in the movies as … Continue Reading

“Comfortable” Love Doesn’t Have To Mean Boring

Love is passionate and all-encompassing. But, eventually, if you’re lucky, it also becomes comfortable. And people tend to fear this phase of relationships— where the ‘honeymoon’ ends and real life sets in. They think that new ‘comfort’ means luke-warm or dull.  But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Comfort shouldn’t be confused with settling … Continue Reading

It’s Time For Me To Accept The Apology I Never Got And Move On

I was bitter for so long.  You broke me, and you walked away without so much as a backward glance. You made me feel disposable, and you gave me a new ache to carry around in my soul. I spent so much time being mad at you. You were so selfish and reckless with my … Continue Reading

To My Love, These Are The Promises I Can’t Make To You

I can’t promise that I won’t get on your nerves.  In fact, I can say with absolute certainty that I will get under your skin from time to time. We will clash. We won’t see eye to eye on things. And, we’re going to stress each other out. But, we will also cool off and talk it out. … Continue Reading

6 All-Too Common Fights That All Healthy Couples Have

Every couple has their fair share of arguments. But, here are 6 ways to go from flirty to fighting in no time. 1. Can you just decide what you want to eat!  This is so innocent at first, but it always turns ugly. Your man swears he doesn’t care where you choose but he turns … Continue Reading

The Undeniable Pain of The “Almost” Relationship

Almost as quickly as it began, it fizzled out. And your friends don’t understand how someone could be so hung up on someone so fast. They say the feelings weren’t real in the first place. But the pain was immediate and devastating. You felt like you lost a huge part of yourself. When people say things like … Continue Reading

To The Man Who Never Gave Up On Me

I never felt worthy of a great love. There was so much about myself that I wanted to change. I hated the girl in the mirror. I ridiculed her and critiqued every last bit of her character. Nothing she did was ever good enough for me, so I thought nothing she did was ever going to be … Continue Reading

Don’t Let Him Make You A Backup Plan, You Deserve To Be A Priority

There are too many women who waste weeks, months, even years of their lives settling for a man who does not treat them the way they deserve to be treated. While it can be hard to tell when this describes your dating life, the best way to determine if a man is “all in” with … Continue Reading

If You Feel Like Your Relationship Is ‘Too Good To Be True’, Read This

My experience with love has been anything but easy. I have fallen hard and fast for the wrong person. I have taken the leap and put my heart out there only to have it chucked back at me and shattered into pieces. I have opened up my soul and my vulnerabilities to people that would only … Continue Reading