Your Love Has Made Me A Better Person

Our love story had all the makings of a fairytale romance. I fell for you so fast and saw my happy ending in every moment spent with you. Loving you just made sense. It wasn’t a choice, it was the only option. It definitely wasn’t something I’d planned for, but it was second nature to … Continue Reading

A ‘Thank You’ To My Better Half

To the Love of my Life: Thank you for loving every version of me. You have seen the brutal, raw versions of me that were anything but glamorous. You didn’t run, you didn’t cower. You loved me harder. You nurtured me and stood by me through my toughest times without one moment of hesitation. Thank … Continue Reading

Don’t Wish For The Fairytale, The Real Thing Is So Much Better

Every girl loves a good love story. We all grew up fantasizing about being the princess in the fairy tale. We dreamed about our prince charming and our happy ending. We loved watching beautiful people live beautiful and perfect lives where they always said the right thing. Watching the budding romance and the infatuation and … Continue Reading

46 Ways Your Soulmate Will Love You Differently

There’s nothing as frustrating or heartbreaking as waiting for your soulmate. You never know if you’re making the right choices that will lead you to them or drive them away. You get shattered by people that have no business taking care of your heart. You put yourself out there only to be disappointed time and … Continue Reading

The Reality Of Being The Friend Who Moves Away

Moving away from home is a bittersweet experience. You get to learn who you are outside of your comfort zone. You get to start over and leave behind your old identity. You get a clean slate. However, this new step comes with its own challenges: You’ll feel guilty for not being so easily accessible to … Continue Reading

It Was Only An “Almost Relationship”, But It Was Everything To Me

Almost as quickly as it began, it fizzled out. Your friends don’t understand how someone could be so hung up on someone so fast. They say the feelings weren’t real in the first place. But, the pain was immediate and devastating. You felt like you lost a huge part of yourself. When people say things like … Continue Reading

Signs He Loves You, Even If He Doesn’t Always Say It

So, you’re a girl that loves sweet words and sweeping romantic gestures. But, you’ve found yourself falling for a guy that loves a bit more quietly. I know it can leave you wondering why he isn’t shouting his love from the rooftops, especially when you are the kind of girl who feels like she’s constantly … Continue Reading

Wait For A Love That Is Worthy Of You

We all want to feel seen, and sometimes we settle for an illusion of love instead of waiting for the real thing. We settle for relationships that fail to give us the love that we want because we are scared that what we need is too much. We downplay our desires and passions so that … Continue Reading

I Don’t Miss You, I Miss Who I Thought You Could Be With Me

When a relationship ends, we tend to look back at it with lots of unanswered questions. We often wonder what we did wrong or if we could have changed the outcome. We wonder why we weren’t worth being given the love that we were so willing to give to that other person. We can see all of … Continue Reading

What It Means To Have A Supportive Partner

Relationships can be a wonderful source of happiness, but at their best, they should also be a source of support and inspiration. When you choose to be with someone, you are choosing to see the beauty within their heart and the beauty of their dreams. Too often, we choose people who don’t see the vision we have … Continue Reading