Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

I am so happy to be able to say this now: I told you so. 

I kept telling you to hold onto hope. I kept telling you that the one was out there and that he would find you. And, you would listen, but I knew you didn’t really believe me.

The countless nights together trying to imagine what our soul mates would be like… We tried to plan every detail of their character.

Our dream men were all sketched out and all that was left was to find them in reality.

And, through all of the wrong turns and breakups, I know that you lost hope in your soulmate. You were giving up on him, and you were shutting down to the possibilities of love.

I tried to tell you not to lose heart, but every heartbreak seemed to solidify your resolve that love wasn’t meant for you. Every new flame dwindled away, along with your hope of finding the man that you dreamt of.

And, it broke my heart to watch you break, over and over again. 

There is no pep talk in the world that can cure a heart that has lost hope in love. There are no words that can make that okay. Because if there were, I would have said them to you.

Instead, I started to sound like a broken record. But I was right!

I told you that he was going to be out there, and he has turned out to be even better than the guy we created in our life talks when we were young.

He didn’t try to change you. He met you right where you were in your suffering, and he walked you through it.

I told you that he would be worth the wait, and he has helped to provide you with the clarity you needed after the fog of your former loves.

He didn’t run from your baggage. He helped you unpack the pain, the suffering, the insecurity. He helped you feel lighter and freer than you’ve felt in years.

I told you that you were going to be someone’s everything.

You, my forever friend, have finally found your forever love.

The love that you have always been worthy of.

The love that has far surpassed anything that we could have tried to imagine when we were blaring music and driving down those familiar roads of our small town.

And, now, when I think back to those two young girls who were dreaming of  forever, I can’t help but smile and think, “Oh, if only you knew.”

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