I see you, sweet girl.

I know you always choose to see the good in people and how you help people see their own worth.

You even go as far as to find the silver lining in their struggles.

But, what I also see, is how you’re constantly battling your own darkness. Your head and your heart don’t always get along.

On the outside, you are cool, calm, and collected, never letting anyone see you stumble.

But, on the inside, your head is on a loop of hypotheticals and “what if” dilemmas. Raging right under the surface is a constant state of doubt, fear, and self-isolation.

I know you can’t help it that your head overanalyzes every social encounter and points out all the ways you think you’ve fallen short of perfect.

You hold a flawless version of yourself you think the world wants to see.

But then when riddled with anxiety, your head is merciless and unforgiving. It makes you your own worst enemy.

It short-circuits your senses with constant fears and false perceptions.

I can see how overwhelmed you get, and I see you trying so hard to get a hold of it.

And it can make you feel like you’ve become your anxiety.

But, no matter how crippling or scary it gets…

I want you to know anxiety does not have the power to define you.

Your heart will always do that.

While it may sometimes feel like a losing battle, your heart is so hopeful and so patient.

Your heart knows that you deserve love and forgiveness just as much as anyone else.

You are capable of fighting for yourself with the same strength you use to fight for others.

Your heart isn’t scared of the broken pieces, the real stuff, the unpolished parts because that’s exactly what makes you vibrant and strong.

Allow your heart to show up and fight for you: the you who is not controlled by her anxiety.

The you who has decided to take her life back.

The you that is so much more than an anxious mind.

Because I know she is still in there. And, she is a force to be reckoned with.


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