As gentle as a summer rain, Liz Newman writes with a mellifluous style, reminiscent of the classical poets. There is a gentle, soothing syntax in her words, a lovely treasure trove of poetic compositions. The author addresses the very elements of life, crafting a book into sections which form the cornerstones of human experiences; Life, Love, Loss, and Learning. Each section is skillfully comprised of words that touch the soul.

“Your body is failing you, but so am I, because I don’t know how to save you,” is a heart-wrenching stanza from the poem, ‘Mu-tiny on Immunity.’ For the reader, the feeling of the helplessness and impending loss is permeable and real. Throughout this beautiful book, there are hidden jewels which cause you to revisit the poems again and again.

The author suggests that the poems herein can also be read randomly. I especially enjoyed that this book can be appreciated, regardless of where one chooses to read; each piece stands on their own merit. A debut for this author, Liz Newman has created a beautiful collection, a joy for readers who love a classically written compilation. –  Brenda-Lee Ranta author, Allegories