I can’t believe the day has finally come. 

Growing up, we always talked about getting married and starting families. We talked about what we thought our husbands would be like, what we thought our dress would look like, what the day would feel like.

Now we can finally stop dreaming. Because it is time for your dream wedding to become a reality. And, it’s already better than anything we ever imagined all those years ago.

You have gone through so much in your search for your soulmate. You experienced your fair share of heartbreaks along the way.

But, you never gave up. I always admired that about you. Because you believed with all of your heart that love would win. 

And it truly did on that night when you met your forever. He was everything you had been waiting for.

And, I felt at ease when I finally met him too because I could tell that he was the one for you. 

Now, you’re embarking on your next step, marrying the love of your life.

And the dress is even more stunning than that day you twirled around in it for the first time at the bridal boutique.

I’ve never seen you looking so radiant, so sure, so excited to walk down that aisle, taking the first steps toward your new life.

I promise that I will try to keep us from ruining our perfectly applied makeup, but I already know that this day is going to be full of joy and full of tears.

Tears because this is the end of a chapter where it was always you and me. Tears because things are never going to be quite the same after today. Tears because we aren’t those little girls anymore dreaming about the future. 

But, I will also feel so much joy. Joy because this is something I know you want more than anything.

Joy because I have never once doubted his feelings for you, and it comforts me knowing that you will be in good hands. Joy because while we may be closing a huge chapter of our lives, that only means you are embarking on a new one.

And, I am so excited to start experiencing these milestones with you. I can’t wait to see you as a wife and someday a mother. I can’t wait to watch your relationship age like fine wine because I’ve never met two people more perfect for one another.

You deserve this day and everything it stands for. And, I am so happy that I get to stand beside you, my forever friend, and witness the beginning of your forever love.

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