“Of Ruin And Renewal: Poems For Rebuilding” is a collection of poems for anyone who has ever felt the pain of starting over. Through honest reflection and emotion, the author takes the reader on a journey to self-discovery. The journey will be full of the heart-warming and the heart-wrenching, but it will also be the most beautiful and worthwhile journey any of us will ever take. The underlying message is always of hope and love: love for others and most importantly finding the strength to love ourselves. It is a collection that strives to highlight and commend the strength of everyday people who decide to keep trying, to keep moving forward, and to help others find the courage to do the same. This book serves as a reminder that we can be the light for each other, we can help sort through the pieces, and we can rebuild together, each strengthened by the beauty and resilience of our own stories. Because this life is full of change, full of alternating cycles of “ruin” and “renewal”, but each one of us is worthy of embarking on the journey back to feeling “okay” again.

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