Sometimes, a good song can be the only thing that helps us understand our world.  When it feels like the universe has gone silent, it is through the music that we can feel like someone is listening in those moments when we most need to be heard. So, if you’re a girl who searches for life’s … Continue Reading

I am so happy to be able to say this now: I told you so.  I kept telling you to hold onto hope. I kept telling you that the one was out there and that he would find you. And, you would listen, but I knew you didn’t really believe me. The countless nights together trying to imagine … Continue Reading

I was bitter for so long.  You broke me, and you walked away without so much as a backward glance. You made me feel disposable, and you gave me a new ache to carry around in my soul. I spent so much time being mad at you. You were so selfish and reckless with my … Continue Reading

I can’t promise that I won’t get on your nerves.  In fact, I can say with absolute certainty that I will get under your skin from time to time. We will clash. We won’t see eye to eye on things. And, we’re going to stress each other out. But, we will also cool off and talk it out. … Continue Reading

Sometimes, I can’t believe that you’re not a part of my life anymore.  We were attached at the hip growing up. We shared every detail of our lives with one another. And, now I can’t even remember the last time I saw you.  It happened gradually. Having common interests became less and less common for us. … Continue Reading

If you find yourself in a lot of uncomfortable situations, I am right there with you. Such is the life of the awkward human. Here are some instances when the awkward struggle has been REAL. 1. You say “you too” to the hostess when she tells you to enjoy your meal. 2. You laugh at inappropriate … Continue Reading

Moving out of your hometown or college town can be exciting, but it may mean you have to say, “see you later” to your best friend. Every time you two have to part ways, it comes with a new round of waterworks and depressing texts back and forth to each other. But, in the end, you always … Continue Reading

I don’t know how I was blessed with my best friend as a sister.  You have been there for me through it all. You have seen every messy breakup, every nervous breakdown, and every big moment. You have always provided me with perspective and kindness. And, I seriously can’t imagine doing life without you. Your honesty never fails me. You tell … Continue Reading

Every couple has their fair share of arguments. But, here are 6 ways to go from flirty to fighting in no time. 1. Can you just decide what you want to eat!  This is so innocent at first, but it always turns ugly. Your man swears he doesn’t care where you choose but he turns … Continue Reading

Almost as quickly as it began, it fizzled out. And your friends don’t understand how someone could be so hung up on someone so fast. They say the feelings weren’t real in the first place. But the pain was immediate and devastating. You felt like you lost a huge part of yourself. When people say things like … Continue Reading