Some girls like the night life. Some girls prefer the Netflix life.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with going out and living it up, that just may not be your version of a good time. And, that’s okay. After all, there are plenty of totally legit reasons why you do things your way.

The twenty-something grandma life is an art form. And, while there are misconceptions, this life choice does not mean you’re boring or unadventurous. It just means you know what you enjoy and how you like to spend your time, so keep doing you, girl!

After a busy week, sometimes you need a night or two to have alone time.

It gives you a chance to decompress and catch your breath. It may even just be the one thing that helps you maintain your sanity after a stressful couple of days.

Yoga pants. Oversized t-shirts. Cable knit sweaters. The second you get home from work, the jeans come off and the outfit goes from business casual to mismatched comfort. No shame.

You’ve been waiting for days to find out how the latest season of your favorite show ends.

Or maybe you’ve been itching to finish the last few pages of your most recent reading venture. The weekends are your time to play catch up and do some serious binging!

You enjoy the occasional girls night out, but you’re much more in your element at home with your besties. 

You want to be in an environment where you can have a deep conversation and not worry about having to yell over loud house music. You’d rather have a few good friends to chill out with than a million friends you meet up with at the bar.

The weekend is a chance to reflect on your goals and make a game plan for how to achieve them.

You love breaking out that floral planner of yours on a Sunday and plan out the week ahead so you can boss right through it. This gives you a chance to check in with yourself and see where you can switch things up.

You know the magic healing capabilities of a bubble bath.

Bath and Body Works candles…that new bath bomb you got off of Amazon….your favorite playlist on repeat and nowhere to be…need I go on?

You love being bright-eyed and ready to roll in the mornings. 

You work hard during the week and you love not having to set an alarm for a few days. You value your rest and the extra energy you feel when you stay in for the night instead of rolling home from the bar at 4 am.

You’re refreshed for an exciting day ahead instead of being trapped in the grips of a gnarly hangover.

While every lifestyle has its benefits, you are loving the “twenty-something” grandma life, and that’s totally cool. Own it.

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