“Hangry” is a state of anger that is caused by hunger, and for some people, it is a state of life.

These are some things that I know all of the “hangry” girls can relate to all too well.

1. You are always thinking about your next meal, even if you just ate.

You are literally counting down to when you can eat again. You don’t understand how anyone could possibly ever “forget” to eat breakfast or not have time for dinner.

That is never an issue for you. Ever.

2. You cannot have civilized conversations when you’re hungry.

You get overly sassy and mean. You can’t handle conflicts. Everything seems harder than it should be until you get food.

It’s like people that can’t talk until after they’ve had their morning coffee, except it happens every few hours if you’re not eating.

3. You protect your leftovers with your life. 

You put your name on that box multiple times and hide it in the furthest corner of the fridge. You write warnings on the box to stop others from even being tempted to steal your goodies.

And even with all of this security in place, you’re going to stress and worry about that food until it’s securely in your hands later.

4. You relate food to happiness. And sadness. And stress. And frustration.

You use any opportunity to eat. Had a bad day? There’s a pizza for that. Had an awesome day?

There’s a cake for that. Had an extremely mediocre day? There’s a pizza AND a cake for that.

5. You legitimately get stressed out when you watch other tables get their food before you.

Especially when you’ve been there longer. You make sure you have a good view of the kitchen from your table.

You watch every server and every tray and quickly scan the meals to determine if it could be your meal.

But, you make sure to be super casual about it so the other people at the table don’t see.

6. Your loved ones know that a majority of your problems can be fixed with a good meal. 

It is truly your key form of conflict resolution, and it is a guaranteed way to your heart.

Although, this sometimes leads to the family-wide “where do you want to go eat?” dilemma, where no one can make a decision for a good half-hour. Ugh.

7. You have said some really, overly dramatic and mean things when you’re hangry.

And, you always feel bad about it afterward and apologize. Later, people try to explain to you the way you were acting, and it appalls you.

But, you’re also not that surprised…

There’s nothing wrong with being the hangry girl, especially because the solution is so simple: just eat and you’ll be back to your normal sassy self, minus the hunger and angry tirades.

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